Here are some frequently asked questions by customers and site visitors.  For any additional questions, feel free to email or call us anytime!

Do you have minimum order quantities?

Yes.  The MOQ is usually 1000 pieces.

What if I already have my design and just need manufacturing?

No problem!  Send along your files and we can get started.

I see you work with lots of major brands and retailers.  Can I afford your packaging?

Very likely.  Working with major brands gives us large volume of orders, which allows us to keep prices down.

Do you manufacture in both USA and China?


I want to buy packaging from you, but I don't have anywhere to store it.

We can store it in our warehouse for a small fee.

Do you make packaging for anything besides the world of jewelry and fashion?

Yes.  While this is still the majority of our business and strongest area of expertise, we are starting to seeing more requests in markets such as fragrance, electronics and home goods.