Beautiful Cannabis Packaging.

Our new website is under construction, but you're in the right place if you want a seasoned packaging company that can meet all your packaging needs. For immediate assistance, please call 401-272-4210. We are launching a new line of beautiful CR packaging soon -- email for a sneak peak! Thanks for stopping by!

Here are some examples of highly customized packaging! Use these for inspiration. We have a wide variety of materials and printing methods we can apply to give you the perfect image that will connect with your end consumer.

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Our Goal: We want to make your life much simpler!

We know you have about one million things on your hands right now. You do not need to be trying to figure out your packaging, too. Even seasoned packaging companies with a narrow product line require you to make calls to five different packaging companies on a weekly business. Not the best use of your time!

Let us handle all your packaging needs and make your life simpler! We cover all major product lines and have vast experience customizing packaging to meet the look and feel of your brand. We've done it for 38 years for the highest profile brands in the world and know exactly how to get the job done right!