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For 40 years, the biggest brands retailers in the fashion world placed their trust in Contempo to design and manufacture their product packaging. Now, we're taking what we've learned from the fashion industry and showing dispensaries like yours how packaging plays a huge role in the experience your customers have at your dispensary.

The following photos of cannabis packaging for inspirational purposes only -- we will customize your packaging based on the vibe of your brand and the interior of your dispensary!

About Contempo Specialty Packaging

Always beautiful and never average, Contempo serves the largest brands in the world of fashion and has done so with success for 40 years. We are a second-generation family business using our successful formula for fashion industry packaging and applying it to the cannabis industry. Brands choose Contempo when they are ready to go mainstream and need a seasoned packaging company to help execute their brand vision. We offer beautiful cannabis packaging for flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, cartridges, concentrates, tinctures, and more.

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Watch The Cannabis Packaging Show, where we teach cannabis brands what we've learned about packaging from working with the top brands in the world for 40 years!

Let us help you create beautiful cannabis packaging for your flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, vapes & cartridges, edibles, and more!

We have a simple goal: To make your life easier and to give you the most beautiful packaging possible.

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Put your packaging in the hands of the company who serves the top brands in the world.

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We cover all major product lines and have vast experience customizing packaging to meet the look and feel of your brand. We've done it for 40 years for the highest profile brands in the world and know exactly how to get the job done right!

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