We are not just selling packaging. We are selling a better experience for your customers.

We work with brands to design and manufacture the perfect unboxing experience! Want to improve your unboxing immediately? Visit our Amazon Store and purchase items ready for shipment from Contempo.

We believe that unboxing is a very important part of your customer experience.

As more brands understand the importance of unboxing in their customer experience, getting unboxing right has become an area of great interest.

When you receive a package in the mail as a customer, what impact does the packaging have on your overall view of that brand?

Contempo will help you with every area necessary to get an unboxing that will WOW your customers. We've studied how the best brands do it and want to bring that knowledge to you.

Fill out the form on the right side of the page and we will schedule a call to review what we can offer for you.

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We also can create a custom branded unboxing for you!

Our experts will brainstorm the perfect experience for your customers with you, then we will manufacture the items for you too!

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