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Contempo culture & values

Contempo culture & values


Why thousands of customers love Contempo.

From creative to production to customer service — we consistently deliver quality and speed.




Cards, tags, labels, hangers, boxes & displays -- all under one roof! 



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Services teams in both USA and China, just a call or email away.




From concept to completion, we’ve got you covered.




We have 30+ years experience. We can guide you through the entire process and show you what works best.




No red tape — just the results and speed that you require. You'll be amazed!



New packaging ideas and trends, delivered.

It's a full time job keeping up with everything happening in the world of packaging. Let us keep you informed.

This is an excerpt of a recent FTK showing how to integrate popular colors into your packaging. Subscribe for FREE today.

This is an excerpt of a recent FTK showing how to integrate popular colors into your packaging. Subscribe for FREE today.

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Introducing a better foldover, exclusive to Contempo.

The Security Foldover (Patent Pending) by Contempo protects and secures necklaces better than ever before. This revolutionary product both merchandises necklaces beautiful, while securing them to enable the highest sell-through possible!

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Ever consider the experience you are giving your customers when they receive your product on their doorstep? How does that compare to your competition?


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Whether you want to learn the different options for packaging socks, how to create e-commerce packaging that will give your customers a great first impression, or everything there is to know about labels -- we've got you covered!

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