Culture & Values are our top priority

At Contempo, our values are not just posters on the walls -- they are our road map for the future. We believe that the quality of a company is equal to the quality of its people, and the core values is what we look for first and foremost in our people.

In hiring, we look for core values first, as we've seen how creating the right culture can lead to very happy customers.


Our 12 core values

In April 2012, we pooled the entire team and asked:

What values do you think would make this company the best in the world, if we followed them every day?

We took everyones ideas, refined the list and published our 12 Contempo Core Values.  You see them everywhere as you walk through HQ, and they are a part of each member of the Contempo family.  In your semi-annual evaluations at Contempo, core values are weighed equally to your performance on the job.  

To build a great company, you need great people -- and great people want to work in a great culture.  We don’t just look for top producers -- we look for top producers who embody our core values.  Those are the people who will love their job here, and make Contempo best in the world.

If these sound like your personal values, we’d encourage you to take a look at our jobs section.

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