Our Story

Contempo’s founding is a classic story of supply and demand.  

Vark Sr worked with his father in the jewelry manufacturing business in Rhode Island.  In the 80’s, Providence, RI was the jewelry capital of the world, and everyone wanted a piece of the jewelry pie. Vark Sr noticed something odd: while there were hundreds upon hundreds of jewelry manufacturers, there was only one jewelry packaging supplier.  He thought: “If I can build a packaging company based on exceptional customer service, customers will come.”

This philosophy is still lived by Contempo today. Today, Contempo is a second-generation family business run by Vark Sr's two sons, Vark Jr. and Michael. The biggest change you'll see is Contempo's emphasis on culture as the path to serving customers better than ever.

Times change, but certain principals (like serving customers with all your might) don't.


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